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Terms & Conditions

Orders cannot be changed or cancelled up to 72 hours before the due date.

For any changes to orders please let us know through the ‘Contact’ button.



Are your Tea Cakes Vegetarian?

Yes we don’t use any gelatine in our marshmallow fluff!

Is anything Vegan?

Yes! We bake vegan cookies, cookie doughs and giant cookies. Unfortunately we haven’t yet mastered the vegan Tea Cake!

Is anything Gluten Free?

We bake gluten free flourless double chocolate cookies. As well as this certain tea cake flavours can be made gluten free – (Honeycomb, Traditional, Raspberry, Coconut or Mint)

Is anything Dairy Free?

Yes! Our flourless double chocolate cookies are both gluten and dairy free. We also make the best vegan cookie range. Certain tea cakes can also be made dairy free (Lotus, Traditional, Raspberry or Coconut)

Is anything Soya Free?

Unfortunately the chocolate we use contains ‘soya lecithin’. However we do not use soya flour or soya milk in our products.

Is your kitchen peanut free?

Unfortunately our kitchen is not peanut free. Therefore there could be traces in all products.

Please note we bake in a kitchen which handles all allergens meaning we cannot guarantee an absence of trace of allergens.


How far in advance do I have to order?

At least 1 weeks’ notice is often needed on orders. Therefore we would advise you to order 1-4weeks before your required date.

Can I collect?

Yes! Most customers opt for collection from our home address in Bushey! Collection time is between 11-1pm, however we can often accommodate later collections.

Do you deliver?

We offer a delivery service within a 10mile radius of Bushey, WD23, charged at £1/mile.  For full details visit the delivery page.

Do you offer delivery to the whole of the UK?

Unfortunately we do not offer nationwide delivery, but we are working on it! Follow our social media to stay updated.

Can I have a mixed box of 4 Tea Cakes?

Unfortunately Tea Cakes are minimum 4 per flavour. If you would like a selection we’d recommend the 12 Tea Cake Box, where you can select 3 different flavours.

Can you do catering size quantities?

Yes! If you are interested in having catering size quantities then please contact us for more information.

Shelf Life/ Storage

How should I store Tea Cakes and how long do they last?

Tea Cakes are best eaten at room temperature and only need storing in the fridge if the temperature is over 20*c. They must also be kept out of direct sunlight due to the thin chocolate shell easily melting!

How long do the cookies last and how should I store them?

Cookies are best eaten fresh but can be kept for 5 days.  Store them in an airtight container at room temperature.  You can also chose to re-warm them in the oven or microwave ensuring they are soft and gooey!

Can I freeze anything?

Most products can be frozen however we would advise to eat the Tea Cakes fresh!